Monsoon’s End in Arizona



Saguaros.  The trees of the desert.  Except they offer far less shade and aren’t fun to climb.

Summer is almost over in Arizona, which means that the temperatures have finally dipped below 100°F.  The monsoon, which begins in July and ends in mid-September, has turned the desert green.

I was determined to do some photography hikes over Labor Day weekend before the washes dry and the greenery shrivels.



“Wet” is a relative term.  The dirt roads are still parched, and kick up a lot of dust!





Something about the cacti in the evening light makes me want to jump on a horse and ride off into the sunset.  If only I could ride a horse…

DSC_0071A storm approaching Tucson gave us an opportunity to try out some long exposures.  The sound of thunder didn’t carry far enough, so we were left with a silent, distant lightshow.


The washes are roaring after a rainstorm the day before.  This spot, Tanque Verde, is a good swimming hole, and gets crowded this time of year.  It’s also a good place to try long exposures and HDR.